Our firm proposes the technology for making 'button' badges based on table presses and various dies. Sizes vary between 25 mm to 158mm. We have presses of simple construction - standard type, as well as very professional type of press, to be made to operate either mechanically (foot drive) or pneumatically.
High quality metal dies are made from technically improved steel covered with chrome. Such a process guarantees reliable performance for many years similar to a long term warranty.

The lower dies are placed on a slides thanks to which we can quickly change their position and consequently produce large quantities of badges. The output of our machines is dependant on the skill of the operator and can be as high as 500 pieces per hour for hand operated presses and up to 800
for foot and pneumatic operated presses.

The change of dies for different sized ones is very simple. Each die is fixed with an Allen screw.
It is sufficient to unscrew this and change it for another size.

It is easy to do the buttons. Just follow these simple steps:
*Create your own design or message on a computer,
*Set up your artwork for printing,
*Print your message,
*Cut out the printed paper inserts,
*Assemble components and produce a finished button or key ring on your button machine!

The picture can be printed by any printing method (printer, xerox, offset, silk screen and so on).
These are cut with special cutters ( see cutter page).
Elements of the badge are placed in the lower dies - from the left one by one:
first the metal shell, the picture and then the foil disc on top.
The die is then moved to the right under the upper die and pull the handle for pressing.
Next we place into the right die the back of the badge with the closed safety pin and we move it to the left under the upper die and press the two together


matryce  do znaczków button


prasa do znaczków button

praska do buttonów




        THE PRICE LIST PRESSES AND DIES VALID TILL   31.05.2013 (the prices are net ones)  

die set 25 mm


die set 32 mm


die set 37 mm


die set 45 mm


die set 56 mm


die set 58 mm


die set 77 mm


die set 100 mm


press standard


press PZ-2


press PROF



    The set for special shape badge include: special table press,
one set of die
( square, rectangle or oval shape ). 
 Special price €650

*The unit price in Euro per piece,,
*The terms of sale depends on stock,
*Price base ex-factory Olawa and does not include VAT,

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